Lee Kee Child the gem hunter


Pick up gems and dodge obstacles


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Back in the 90s a well known game –Rock'n'Gems– was hot on the scene. Now they're at it again with a very similar spin-off built for Android in the new title: Lee Kee Child the Gem Hunter. Thankfully this super action-packed game is going to mean hours of fun for the vast majority of players as they face off against the endless occult mysteries buried deep within a mine.

For those of you who've never played Rocks'n'Gems or Rocks'n'Diamonds — gameplay is very simple. Focus your characters' efforts on searching a mine full of precious stones whilst dodging falling rocks along the way. The real difficulty here is the matter of gravity as both jewels and boulders fall from above when you dig through the soil covering them. Hence your objective is to carefully advance through the mines by excavating and simultaneously protecting yourself from falling objects.

Unsurprisingly, Lee Kee Child the Gem Hunter is divided up in levels. As such, you'll make your way through them with increasing difficulty. Beating each level is relatively easy: find all the diamonds you need and make a swift exit.

Requires Android 3.0 or higher